Sub Metering

Heat Wave also sells, installs and supports H2O degree.

Why Sub-meter?

How can you afford not to? That is what the nation’s largest REITs are saying.

Simply put, you’re losing money if you don’t. Utility costs continually rise and residents use more when the amount they pay does not vary with consumption. Worse still, your property value is diminished as a result.

There are many good reasons to sub-meter:

  • Utility sub-metering dramatically increases property value – more than any other ancillary service or comparable capital investment
  • Utility sub-metering provides residents with fair utility bills that accurately reflect their use (allocation does not)-so residents are happier and don’t move
  • Utility rates are rising 10% per year on average-sub-metering protects you
  • Payback can be as quick at one to two years
  • Utility sub-metering helps to conserve water and energy and protect the environment