Data Center Solutions

What’s Important In Your COMPUTER ROOM or DATA CENTER?

  • Server Rack Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Power Failures
  • Water Under the Floor
  • Network Connectivity
  • Smoke and Fire
  • UPS Readiness
  • Physical Security

“The server is down because of overheating!” No one wants to hear those words. Computer downtime is not acceptable. Period! Heat Wave understands that keeping your systems up and running is a high priority. Heat Wave & Sensaphone together have a solution to watch over any size computer facility from small computer closets to large data centers. Notification is immediate whenever something starts to threaten the operation of your computer systems. Whether the threat is temperature, water, or intruders. Use the Web 600 for smaller areas or the IMS 1000 for medium server rooms or use the IMS 4000 for very large facilities needing many nodes to monitor many locations